Francine Hermelin Levite used to consider herself an accidental children’s product developer and author, but in hindsight it all makes sense. While she started out in magazines, children’s software,  graphic design and live event production, she has spent her “mom” years producing political and cultural events for families around issues as diverse as hurricane relief, the elections and Jewish holidays.

While the category is only beginning to emerge, Levite creates empowerment tools for children to engage their adults in meaningful conversations. Moreover, with the help from her 3 kids and commercial director husband, her home brims with creative risk-taking and expression.

Levite hails from Detroit, Michigan, but now along with her family, including dog named Moose, lovingly calls Brooklyn, NY home. Somehow she manages to be the grownup at home but spend summers at camp.

Levite is available for kid, family and adult workshops.